DCIM100GOPROSunny Sicily is the perfect place for a kitesurfing holiday. Sicily is the perfect place to relax, not only for kitesurfers. Your friends and family also will not be bored here. Sicily offers a whole range of attractions: from sandy, sunny beaches and beautiful landscapes to monuments, historic towns and UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Description of spot:
Spot is located on the Gulf of Lo Stagnone (15 min. drive from the airport of Trapani), 3-5 minutes walk from the village of Birgi Vecchi (hotels, shop, restaurant).

It’s the perfect place for kitesurfing at all levels. Its main advantage is shallow, flat water and a constant warm thermal winds (about 5 knots more than in the forecast).

Spot is very windy (more than 300 windy days in year) and totally safe (no currents, rocks, obstacles). This ensures a high comfort of kitesurfing and a lot of progress. Even a week of kitesurfing at the spot guarantees a huge progress and let you explore the next levels of kitesurfing.