DCIM100GOPROLove kitesurfing and sandy beaches?
Sardinia is a paradise for kitesurfers. Everyone will find the perfect place for themselves and their skills. Depending on the direction and force of the wind you can float on many diverse spots: with shallow water, flat or with waves. They have one thing in common-clear water in all shades of blue and green. Not without reason Sardinia is called ‘the Caribbean of Europe’. The spots are located in a beautiful, wide sandy beaches, often surrounded by mountains and lagoons, where walk flamingos and cranes.

Sardinia is a very windy island. Wind blows here 300 days a year. The most popular winds are: Sirocco, Levante, Ponente, and of course the Mistral. It is a perfect place for kitesurfing. The island is appreciated by players who often choose it for trainings. Every year international kitesurfing and windsurfing championships are held in Sardinia.

Kite safari around Sardinia is the best way to actively visit this beautiful Italian island, getting to know many spots and try your hand at them. Changes spots and their varied guarantee lot of progress and ensure maximum use every day stay on the island.