Welcome to the island of sun, wine and volcanoes! In addition to the great Italian atmosphere, picturesque towns and great weather you’ll also find here very windy spots with flat and shallow water.

Direction is available from May to November.



Sardinia delight you with the enormity of choice spots. Flat? Waves? Or shallow water? No problem! In each of these places you’ll find beautiful beaches and azure water. For the undecided we add that Sardinia is one of the windiest places in Europe!

Direction is available from May to November.


If addition to wind and water you also appreciate the beautiful views, from time to time you enjoy lazing on the beautiful sandy beach and in the evening take a stroll to the winding, narrow streets and eat real Greek feast at the tavern, definitely this is the direction for you. Windy spots, fairytale landscapes and uncrowded beaches certainly does not disappoint yours expectations. Available from May to November.


Do you prefer rest in one place, all- inclusive holiday, flat, shallow water and easy conditions for training? If you do, this is the direction for you.

Destination available from April to mid-November.