DCIM100GOPROOn our trips we offer kite courses on every level.

There is a possibility of holding a single lesson before we thoroughly discuss the objectives to be achieved.

In addition, we have three packages – from the first steps to advanced kitesurfer:

IKO 1 – During this stage you’ll learn about kite equipment, the elements that will ensure your safety while kitesurfing, you’ll be a master at controlling the kite, you’ll feel the surfer power during bodydrags.

Stage includes: a brief theory of flying, knowledge and equipment preparation for the session, getting to know the spot, conditions and risks, discussion of safety rules, safety systems and their use, learning control of the kite, restart the kite from the water, landing and launching with the assistant, learning control the kite in the power zone  (body drags), position to put on the board

Duration: 5h

IKO2 – course for people who already know what „to do with a kite”. You’ll learn how it all join the board and what to do with it. Recall the principles and safety systems and their usage, you will feel a mega cool thing – slide left and right, you’ll learn to control it, stop when you want to, you’ll learn about priority rights on the water

Stage includes: the use of systems and safety procedures, theory of priority on the water, the correct position preparatory to start, waterstart, riding left and right, the initial adjustment position, paying attention to the hazards and the applicable rules;

Duration: 5h

IKO3 – course for people who already ride left and right, know the rules on the water, procedures and safety systems. You learn to come back to the place from you started, you’ll be able to ride upwind, the switch will be a piece of cake, you’ll find that the pictures are best during jumps.

Stage includes: controlling riding in two directions, improve the position, elements of turn, riding perpendicularly to the wind, riding upwind, switch, learning and improve jumps;

Duration: 5h


We realize individual and group courses.

During the lesson we pay special attention to safety. We teach appropriate behavior, assess the conditions on the spot, the proper use of safety systems. The approach to student and exercises during the course are selected individually, to minimize the teaching time, playing and feeling safe.

Each student has the opportunity to obtain an international certificate of IKO.

The courses lead only instructors with the IKO license and years of experience. The equipment that we use for training is the North’s latest collection.