About us

DCIM100GOPRO‘I had a student who routinely carries shoulders with full body weight over the tail of the board. It was a very ingrained habit. Many of the exercises did not help. I took her to court for a brief session of basketball. She saw how successfully dribble ball and what happens when dribbles retrorse. After returning to the water the position was correct!’

Ryszard Czarkowski, IKO Level 2 Senior Instructor


We treat the kite most of all as a passion and a way of life.

We have many non-standard, but efficiency methods of teaching kitesurfing. We have restored hope many students who wish to resign kitesurfing after many failure in kitesurfing learning. We are affiliated with kitesurfing for 14 years and we use our experience to teach in the best possible way.

We have an individual approach to our students. During lessons we use walkie-talkie so we have communication all the time. It also help learning faster thanks to have quick feedback. Thanks to this and our non-standard exercises we can shorten the learning time to 60 %.

We teach at a brand new, top shelf equipment to provide full safety and comfort training.
Our students appreciate quality and safety, with distinguished us from the competition.